Electric Castle Festival 2016

16 Jul 2016 Bonțida, Cluj (RO)


Time : 16:00
Venue : Bánffy Castle
State : Cluj
Zip : 407105
Contact Email : contact@electriccastle.ro
Contact Website : http://www.electriccastle.ro

ELECTRIC CASTLE is a Romanian music festival that takes place every year on the Transylvanian spectacular domain of Bánffy Castle, near Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Since its first edition in 2013, the festival was shortlisted every year for the Best Medium Sized Festival Category at the European Festival Awards, among other important European names.

Held on the domain of Bánffy Castle (or Bonţida Bánffy Castle), Electric Castle Festival is an unique, mind-blowing experience.

It shakes up the way people interact with music by combining a visually innovative concept with an eclectic musical line-up, breaking the boundaries between electronic music and reggae, mainstream and subculture genres.

It’s the only music festival in Romania to offer a complete and authentic experience through notorious international artists, a vast camping area, a diverse food court and an exceptional scenery.